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The Easiest Royal Icing To Make

If you bought Sweet Frosted Cookies Meringue Powder, the package you purchased makes around 33 pounds of royal icing and very easy to make.



Makes 1 pound of royal icing

1 pound (454g) of powdered sugar

1 teaspoon of Sweet Frosted Cookies merigue powder




1. Place powdered sugar and meringue powder in the mixer with a paddle attachment 2. Mix slowly then gradually add water. 3. Increase speed to medium until it thickens and reaches a smooth, stiff consistency. 4. Once you're done, put in separate bowls to add your colors and adjust the consistency by adding more water at a time.



1. Use spray bottle when adding water, this helps with not adding to much water on the royal icing by accident.

2. Only use a few drops of food coloring, a little goes a long way.

3. Left over royal icing can be kept in the refrigerator for a few weeks or freezer up to 6 months.

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