Create these show-stopping cookies with Sweet Frosted Confections Baking & Decorating Kit.


Kit includes pre-measured ingredients and all the tools you need to make these delicious and beautiful cookies, plus a recorded video of Chef Alexis guiding you from baking this to decorating in simple steps.


Watch a recorded video of Chef Alexis showing you:

1. how to bake Sweet Frosted Confections sugar cookie mix, and how to use our cookie cutters

2. how to make royal icing for these adorable cookies

3. learn how to decorate these beautiful and delicious cookies.


What's included in your kit

• Organic sugar cookie mix that makes at least 14 cookies or more

• Organic royal icing mix that makes 16 oz royal icing

• 4 cookie cutters: Bicycle, heart, Eiffel Tower, and a rose (retail price $36.25)

• Royal icing spreader

• Pipping bags

• All the colors we will use for the class

• Paintbrush

• Flower fondants for the designs

•.Learn how to use edible acrylic paint bySugarprism "Life Is Too Sweet To Eat Ugly Treats" Edible 'Acrylic' Paint

• Sprinkles

• Edible pen

• This kit will arrive in a beautiful Sweet Frosted Cookies box



• make the easiest royal icing 

• decorate beautiful cookies 

• bake Sweet Frosted Confections sugar cookie mix

• learn different ways to put hearts on cookies, such as wet on wet using different colors

• brush embroidery details

• diamond style technique

• properly outline cookies

• properly flood cookies

• use edible acrylic paint

•use different types of royal icing consistency

• layer royal icing

• utilized edible images• use different coloring to highlight cookie designs• work with fondant decorations

• utilized sprinkles to decorate cookies

• technique how to bake the best sugar cookies 

• technique how to make the best royal icing 

• and much more

Parisian Baking & Decorating Kit (Free Shipping)

PriceFrom $85.00
Sugar Cookie Mix Dietary Restriction:
Royal Icing Mix Dietary Restrictions:
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