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GOOGLE Cookie Decorating Event Review

Shams Zakhour

What a great team building event! Given that in-person holiday work parties are off the table for 2020, I arranged for my team here at Google to have a virtual holiday cookie decorating class with Alexis. It was *fabulous*! She walked us through decorating 5 different cookies. I selected the shapes and colors, making sure to avoid traditional Christmas colors and to include a surfboard representing our colleague who works in Australia where Christmas occurs in the summer. Alexis sent each of the 10 class participants a kit with pre-baked cookies (3 sugar and 2 gingerbread), pre-made royal icing in several colors, a variety of sprinkles, a booklet of recipes and instructions, a couple decorating tools, AND a custom 3D-printed cookie cutter representing our mascot, Dash. (Dash is the round blue hummingbird cookie.) For my vegan colleague, the cookies and icing were all vegan. She also included a printed Dash cookie. Since this was an at-home event, she included supplies for the three team mates who have children at home. It was a great event! Some teammates said it was the most fun online class they had ever had. We learned real decorating techniques. The resulting cookies were DELICIOUS! The attached pics show the work of several teammates, and the printed mascot cookie that she gifted us. I had a lot of fun planning this event with Alexis; she pays extraordinary attention to detail and wanted to make sure that we were happy. Thanks for a great class, Alexis!

 FENNEMORE LAW Cookie Decorating Event Review

Joy Raessler

Chef Alexis helped our HR Team create the most special event for our virtual holiday party this month. Everyone loved it and she went above and beyond to help everyone feel welcomed and noticed. She also dealt with my one million emails and questions professionally and gracefully to put me at ease since I had so many questions.

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